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Graeme Roberts

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Who I Am

Graeme Roberts is a graphic designer from New Hampshire. Ever since I was 15, I've been passionate about designing interesting and informative digital pieces. 


Over years of schooling and personal work, I've developed a love of simplified, geometric design, with an emphasis on more typographic pieces. My main focus is advertising and design for a digital space, as well as branding, from logos and letterheads to business cards and brochures. I also experiment with animation and packaging design in my own time. When I'm not working or thinking about work, I'm probably writing, reading, playing games, or hanging out with friends.


After graduating from the Concord Regional Technical Center’s Graphic Design program and from Pembroke academy with a New Hampshire Scholars Arts Pathway diploma, I continued my studies at Houghton University as an Applied Design and Visual Communications major. I hope to continue my work after graduation as either a freelance designer or agency worker.

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